Class Act

There’s a reason the many Winston Flowers stores dominate Boston’s botanical scene. They are excellent. White orchids nestled in an elegant clear oblong vase and black tulips with pussy willows may seem like unlikely partners, but the Winston’s touch never disappoints. Check out their weekly specials for endless artistic and varied creations.

Insider Tip: Make an appointment with Jesse at the Newbury street location for the perfect arrangement.

Winston Flowers
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Secret Gardening Tip

“If you have $10 to spend on a plant, put a $1 plant in a $9 hole for best results. 

Meaning: Soil type, fertilizers, drainage, etc. are key to ensuring plant health and vigor.”

Something Old, Something New

“My steal is a 1930s steel case desk for $50 at an antique market called ‘Oldies
Marketplace,’” Jane tell us. “The desk is made so well, that it still works like new. I got it professionally painted in silver metallic finish so that it looks very retro-modern.”


Oldies Marketplace
27 Rear Water Street
Newburyport, MA
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Something Only I Know Because of My Profession

“Despite the fact that my profession requires me to be outside frequently, I hate bugs, I hate hot weather, I hate cold weather, and I don't particularly like rain. I'm just so driven to design that I put up with it.”

Outdoor Girl, Indoor Mentality

“Despite the fact that my profession requires me to be outside frequently, I hate bugs, I hate hot weather, I hate cold weather, and I don't particularly like rain. I'm just so driven to design that I put up with it.”

Free Thinker

Just because Sooki isn’t a fashion follower doesn’t mean you won’t find something fabulous enough to turn you into a trendsetter. This South End boutique carries cutting-edge designs from all over: Clothing from Filz und Kunz from Germany, jewelry by Zhangs from China, and many other local, Asian and European shoe and accessories creators. Located in one of the city’s most exciting zip codes, Sooki is just the place to pop into for an elegant comfy sweater on your way to dinner on Tremont.

505 Tremont Street
Boston, MA
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Off the Beaten Path

To unwind, Jane likes to stroll in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain. She tells us the huge, beautiful park-like space is often deserted. “It's like the wilder, less tame cousin of the much more popular Mt. Auburn Cemetery or Arnold Arboretum, with majestic, overgrown trees and Gothic old-world character,” she says. “They even feature contemporary sculpture exhibits.”

Forest Hills Cemetery
95 Forest Hills Avenue
Jamaica Plain, MA
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Old Faithful

There’s used furniture and then vintage chic. Oldies Marketplace thankfully pays homage to the latter. Shimmering sterling flatware, a 1950’s Elvis poster, train collectibles and grandfather clocks are just some of the goodies you may discover at this indoor/outdoor treasure hunt. Feel free to take Fido, too – pets are welcome. 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Jane Choi’s parents left their native Korea so their children could get a better education in the United States, earn advanced degrees, become prestigious professionals. So when Jane Choi told them that she liked working with trees and dirt, it really did not go over well. This is our daughter, Julie the lawyer, they would tell relatives at holidays. And this is John, our son, the award-winning athlete. And. This. Is. Jane.

Ouch. It wasn’t as though she was being thrown in jail every week. Hardly. She earned decent grades at her school in Virginia. But she liked to paint. Jane? Art? That was black sheep territory. So it was with particular courage and chagrin that Jane pursued degrees in art and landscape architecture at Virginia Commonwealth and then Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Then, one day, a magic word appeared on the Choi horizon: Harvard. Jane had been accepted to the Harvard School of Landscape Design. Then another surprise: She won the top award at the school, followed by another and another. After graduation, she was snapped up to work at the firm of her professor, one of the best landscape architects in the country.

Jane sees things in land. Out of an overgrown yard, she envisions a maple tree that towers toward a sunrise just so; from wetlands, she imagines cascading meadows of emerald green grass perfectly complimenting a contemporary glass house. Her art is alive, her colors move, and shapes change with every season. She’s designed greenspace for a state senator and a palace garden for a Qatar Sheikh. From rooftop hedges to courtyard flower beds, she creates an outdoor world that fuses the personality of the client with the spirit of nature.

After she gave birth to her son, she decided to open up her own studio near her Roxbury home so she could enjoy a flexible schedule. Flexible, maybe. Busy? It’s non-stop. Word of the real thing travels fast. It even made its way back to her family. This is Jane, they say at holidays, our daughter, the landscape architect.