Just what is Yes.Oui.Si.? “Yes.Oui.Si. is a multi-sensory exhibition space. The organization is devoted to showcasing and representing the work of emerging artists and musicians in the Boston area,” says Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza. He wanted us to know that everyone will feel comfortable at Yes.Oui.Si. “We have a unique brick-and-mortar venue that offers a vibrant alternative environment where both connoisseurs and the curious can gather and experience firsthand the creative culture of our community.” As for his plans for the future? “We will become the destination of choice for seekers of contemporary art, interactive entertainment, and artist-designed merchandise,” says de Braganza. 

Yes, you're attending

So, what’s next for Yes.Oui.Si.? “ ‘Wrong Clothes,’ a collection of paintings, photographs, and fashion by Zach Lanoue, will be up through October 22nd. Thursday the 13th of October, we’re hosting a fashion show featuring Zach’s repurposed approach towards apparel — party time!” says Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza. “November 11th is the opening of Adrian Molina's ‘Perpetual In-Terra-Action.’ This show will feature the longest painting in Boston. At nearly 80 yards, this masterpiece, affectionately called The Scroll, was 1.5 years in the making,” says de Braganza. “Also on display will be mixed-media sculpture and painting that plays with the boundary between the two mediums. Musically, on October 1st, we will be serenaded by the lovely Rhianna LaRocque, Nathan Reich, and Adrianne Lenker.”


The Artist's Artist

Even though his art is not the most beautiful to look at, I've always admired Brion Gysin. He never had a signature style, but rather followed his heart from medium to medium, concept to concept, producing an oeuvre of collage, video, painting, poetry, documented performance, and his most celebrated work, an interactive instillation entitled The Dreamachine,” responds Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza when asked about his favorite artists. “I also love Marc Chagall for his color and imagination. His ability to mix the beautiful and macabre is utterly dreamlike.” As for who he looks out for on the local level? “Ethan Murrow, who teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts,” says de Braganza. “Ethan’s art is perfect for our times. The materials he uses are simple — pencil and paper. He is resourceful, and he is making some of the more interesting work I’ve seen.” 

Art Beat

We couldn’t do this interview without asking Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza where he recommends that we go, besides his gallery of course. “For art, check out New England Journal of Aesthetic Research at And for local music, there isn't a better resource than the Counter Cultural Compass (, lovingly compiled for us each month by purveyor of awesomeness Sam Potrykus,” says de Braganza.

Night! Clubs!

Boldfacers asked Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza to let us in on where he goes to hear Boston’s best musicians. “The Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain, Gay Gardens in Allston, Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge, and, well, Yes.Oui.Si.,” says de Braganza.

Tuning Up

When asked about the best places to re-up on gear, Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza didn’t hesitate: “Mr. Music in Allston has a great used gear collection.” And for the occasional rare find? “Sandy’s Music in Central Square gets some really amazing vintage guitars from time to time,” he says. “I picked up a 1968 Univox guitar in mint condition for $250!

How to buy art

“Collecting art can be as simple as buying vegetables,” says Yes.Oui.Si. co-founder Miguel de Braganza. “Everybody has their own idea of what the perfect pepper looks like. Everybody knows that locally grown tastes better. And everybody likes to party with farmers.”      

Renaissance Dude

He's a guitarist. He's a traveler. He's a cool-hunter. His gallery is all that and more. Miguel de Braganza. Say bonjour to Renaissance dude. 

Yes.Oui.Si. is Miguel and partner Olivia Ives-Flores's ode to the creative set, from painters to yogis…even self-proclaimed time-travelers. Each month, the gallery features an exhibit, but each week is sprinkled with one-time-only dance, music, and poetry performances that transform the space into a multi-sensory stage.  

Miguel, who grew up in the Back Bay, first fancied himself a musician, studying piano and guitar. Through a stroke of luck, he joined forces with neo-soul band Melou, whose music ended up catching on so strongly in Europe that Miguel spent a year touring through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. In Barcelona, Miguel immersed himself in the city's art scene, which saturated street life as well as fancy museum halls. 

When he returned to Boston, his first order of business was to graduate from Berklee College of Music. His second? To create a space that celebrates youth culture, embraces older generations, and advances the definition of art into a living, breathing, psychedelic string quartet of a mash-up whose spectators simply say: Yes! Oui! Si!

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