Best Fashion Blogs

Shoe designer Zack Lo says, "I am a huge fan of the Papercut magazine blog. I love the entire editorial staff at the magazine [and know them all personally now] and their collective sense of style and trend spotting. There is a lot of youth, energy, and excitement about what they do and cover emerging designers, bold new photographers, and artistic editorial concepts. There are a lot of people who call themselves 'creative' but rehash other people's work and call it 'new.' Papercut is artistic and original, and I always enjoy their fresh and original way of presenting new work of emerging designers."


"My partner in crime for 'cool hunting' is Lisa Koplow Nogler of Style by Lisa (," says shoe designer Zack Lo. "We spend a lot of time together trolling the front widows of Copley and Newbury Street in Boston. Love to watch window displays, especially Lanvin in NYC and Vivienne Westwood in London — theatrical, edgy, and exploring the fine line between costume and fashion. I've also been known to spot a hip person shopping and follow them a bit to see what stores they go into and what they buy [and for how much]. Call it guerrilla stalking for fashion. I really miss Oxford Circus in London, with a mix of people from all over the world. Greatest place to people watch. I also think that Oscar Generale in Los Angeles and Europe has a great eye for emerging styles that have strong 'red carpet' vibe."

Boston Shoe Fest

"I am partial to the shoe salon at Barneys for a high-heel-shoe-fetish fix," says shoe designer Zack Lo. "They carry the latest seasonal offerings by Lanvin, Louboutin, and others — a great mix of extravagant and commercial. Neiman Marcus is great too for traditionally elegant shoes. But I think that Cuoio on Newbury has an excellent mix of things at some astoundingly affordable prices."

Risk Styling

"I am all about taking risks," says shoe designer Zack Lo, "and having the full confidence to express completely who you are with fashion — even when your own mix doesn't look exactly like what you see in the pages of a magazine. I love stores that give an independent woman many possible options to express whatever she is feeling in fashion [without taking all the money out of her vintage LV handbag]. My favorites are Lit Boutiques in Boston, Elle Boston in Wellesley, and Soodee in Boston"

Shoe Stars

"Locally, I admire the style of Katie Boyd — beauty queen, fitness entrepreneur, reality TV star, and Woman [with a capital W]," says shoe designer Zack Lo. "She loves my shoes, and I love seeing her pair them with her Old Hollywood glamour looks when she is out on the town, confident and completely composed. Of course, I would like to see her work out in a pair of my 4.5-inch heels — but have not yet had the pleasure of seeing that. I am also really interested now in Kate Middleton, with the world's attention on her. She always appears in elegant and somewhat conservative clothes, but I have a suspicion she has a wild style side, too. And I would love to see her in a pair of Zack Lo shoes."

Hi and Lo

"My new collection called 'Risk by Zack Lo' for 2011 and 2012 is coming," says shoe designer Zack Lo. "I am hoping women in Boston and beyond will love what they see! And take the 'risk' of getting into a pair of their own."

Heel Raiser

It's hard to say what triggered Zack Lo's fascination with the heel. It could have been the Manolo Blahnik shoe spread in Vogue. It may have been the Alexander McQueen runway show on TV. It certainly wasn't the famous dumplings his family made at their restaurant in Ilan City in Taiwan.

No, even though culinary arts would have been the natural choice for Zack Lo, it was the delicate heel on a stiletto that captured his heart early on.There was something about how a simple shoe elevated a woman's walk into a sashay of confidence; it was subtle. It was powerful. It was entrancing. But a career as a shoe designer? That was not the Taiwanese tradition. Zack's parents expected another path for the boy — international business or law. 

Zack dutifully studied to please his parents. But while he was at Kingston College in London, he befriended a classmate who could talk shoes as passionately as Zack. The two started sketching, and a collection was developed. There would be no career in international business. Zack would break off on his own, move to Boston, and surround himself with a support staff that nurtured his artistic vision of blending texture, color, shape, and high drama into a woman's shoe. 

Animal-print platforms, fur-laced peep-toes, and fuchsia stilettos are commonplace in the Zack Lo world. Just two years old, his company has caught the attention of Oprah and Glamour magazine. His customers sprint (in heels, of course) to his private trunk shows. And his family proudly updates neighbors in their small village about their son's flourishing shoe-designing career — as an international businessman, no. An international business? It's just a matter of time.