Shea's Voices

"Stevie Wonder's Talking Book was the first album that I experienced, felt, and heard on this kinda sixth sense, mystical level,” says singer Shea Rose. As for other albums that top her must-hear list? Jeff Buckley's Grace could "rip your heart out and then mend it back together in one breath...His cover of “Strange Fruit” is one of the most haunting interpretations ever." Songbird by Eva Cassidy also nabs a place in her top three. "I was in Barnes & Noble searching for new music, and I saw this blond woman peeking at me sideways like...‘Hi there, I have something incredible to share with you Shea.’ So I bought the CD because of the look on Eva's face. I had never heard of Eva before, but when I popped that CD in and listened to her voice and interpretations of familiar classics, I thought to myself…‘This is how you make a song your own!’ Her voice is truly a gift from God! Blessing to Eva!!!"

Joy of Movement

Singer Shea Rose believes that the best way to go about using music for social change is to reach out to local community organizations, like the Boys & Girls Club. "Find out if they have a music program, what their need is, and how you can contribute your talents."

Sound Advice

For the aspiring superstar, singer Shea Rose says, "Stay true to who you are as a person, your experiences and how you feel, see, taste, and hear the world around you...No one else on this earth has been on your journey, in your shoes, but YOU, so tell that story and you won't end up worrying yourself about things like finding a style or standing out."

Best of Berklee

Singer Shea Rose doesn't have to go far to hear great music; she is a Berklee student, after all. "The Berklee Performance Center or Cafe 939. I've seen amazing performances in a classroom at 11 in the morning."


Shea Rose pressed the record button on her MacBook Pro. Out of her tiny bedroom in Boston, she talked about her dreams. "I want t o sing. I want to win a Grammy. I want to use my music to for social change." She sang a little, too. "A rose is a rose!" On the 20th take, she was pleased. She sent off the video and shut down her computer. She didn't know it -- of course, she couldn't know -- but she had just won a spot in Queen Latifah's campaign for CoverGirl.

Shea was one of five winners featured in Queen Latifah's Queen Collection's lipstick campaign for CoverGirl, the web series "The Road to U.N.I.T.Y.," and a rerecording with Queen Latifah for her hit song "U.N.I.T.Y." Pretty heady stuff. Then again, Shea has the head for it -- and the face and the voice. As a young girl, she'd spend night after night in her Braintree home, listening to the words and sounds of Stevie Wonder over and over. His voice was beautiful, but the words...the words...they said something.

keep on believin'.
just stop sleepin'
'Cause it won't be too long*

Shea wants to make music that says something, too. She digs the spotlight that the stage can bring, but after studying at Berklee College of Music, Shea wants more out of music than fame (although her classmate Esperanza Spalding's Grammy this year was encou raging). Neighborhood by neighborhood, community center by community center, Shea has led a crusade to bring music to inner-city kids. Her voice and lyrics, she believes, are tools that can make a change. Just last week, she won Berklee's prestigious Walter W. Harp Liberal Arts Music and Society Award, which honors a student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in research, ci vic engagement, or performance relating to music and society; creating music that has a message. In other words...Shea's words:

Rock 'n Rose is a feelin'
Let your mind run free
Be who you wanna be**

*Lyrics by Stevie Wonder
**Lyrics by Shea Rose