Hear it LIVE

When the Super Volcano bandmembers want to hear live music, they head to: “All Asia on Mass Ave in Cambridge. It's low key and can be packed with great people. Every time we've gone there whether it be for performing or watching our friends play it's been a magical night. It's where our friends go for a good time. Especially during Monkey Rock night, held every Wednesday from 6-9PM. It's hosted by our good friend, great musician and songwriter, Johnny Nicholson. (http://www.myspace.com/monkeyrockfamilytree).”

The Musician's go-to music store

“When we want to come home with a physical CD we choose Newbury Comics (www.newburycomics.com),” say the boys of Super Volcano, “because sometimes we miss the paper and plastic. For example: we just got the new Zach Hill CD, Astrological Straights, on itunes. We like it so much we want to go get the paper and plastic.”

Super Volcano’s Big List

“The Local bands we love: The Venetia Fair, KidNapKin, The Shills, Sincerely The Management, Dirty Dishes, With Engines, Vending Machetes, Dylan Martini, Model Cars, Sex, Verb the Adjective Noun, Johnny Nicholson, Stephen Konrads.
Bands that we worship: ***Shudder To Think***, Michael Jackson, Burning Airlines, Glassjaw, Faraquet, Medications,   Dismemberment Plan, At The Drive In, Hella, Alien Ant Farm, anything Jon Theodore plays in, Maps and Atlases, Fugazi and pretty much any thing that came out of the DC punk scene, Prince...”

How to get into Berklee School of Music

“For shows at the Berklele Performance Center, where they always have great guest musicians, lectures, and performances,” say the boys from Super Volcano, “check out the BPC calendar (www.berkleebpc.com). Check out the Half-Pint Community (http://www.myspace.com/halfpintcommunity). This is where we post shows for our musical/artistic community. Half Pint Community also releases a booklet every month full of good stuff and talent.”

Buying sound machines

“Guitar Center just moved next door to our apartment,” the Super Volcano bandmembers tell us. “Definitely convenient. We also really love Mr Music. It's on Harvard Ave. in Allston. They got killer gear and effects.”

Mr. Music
128 Harvard Ave
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 783-1609

Rocks, volcanoes and screaming boys
Keywords: Music

Michael John Thomas, Jesse Weiss, Matt Powell, and David Khoshtinat (absent the day of the interview) consider themselves part of the next wave of youth culture. All barely twenty and students at Berklee College of Music, they formed a band, Super Volcano, and their music combines elements of progressive rock (the nineties), post-punk (seventies and eighties) and the jazz history they're studying at school (American history).

But they're also of this distinct moment, part of a wider movement of artists and musicians - fed up and acting out: Think the cast of Hair meets the post-George Bush era. They've joined with dozens of similar, twentysomething student/artist/musicians around Boston and formed a social network they call the Half Pint Community dedicated to breaking down social isolation in an internet world and letting their voices be heard.  In their pamphlet, this credo: Most of us are students in school, but if we become students of life and relationships as well, then maybe we can walk the streets with a greater sense of purpose. The boys of Super Volcano, in their work, school, and music, are walking, rocking examples of that search for greater purpose.

They chose the name, Super Volcano, because it represents a thing of awesome power and beauty that could potentially destroy life as we know it on the planet. George Bush, they tell us, pretty much bollixed the country and much of the planet. The boys of Super Volcano want to spew change.

Will they rise to rock ascendancy? Hell, maybe. They can play, that’s for sure. Michael kills the guitar and keyboard’s, Jesse’s the drummer, Matt’s on bass, and David does the singing. The Devin Ocampo record label already has produced Super Volcano’s first CD, and they play regularly all over town: The Middle East Upstairs, T.T, the Bears, the Midway Café, plenty of house parties, even the Bowery Poetry Club in New York city. Their stage show honors nasty rockers past and present -- playing songs too fast, jumping around a lot, and screaming. Live, loud, passionate screaming – ain’t no internet upgrade for that.