Party at Fenway!

Barely anyone is around Fenway more than Red Sox fan and entertainer Brian Dwyer. So when he says arrive two hours early for the best party of your life, believe him. “Yawkey Way is one giant tailgating party before every Red Sox game,” he says. “There are musical performers like the Hot Tamale Brass Band, face-painting, balloon twisters, TV trucks are conducting live interviews…you can even snag a player or two for an autograph. It’s a blast!”

Yawkey Way

Look mom! No line!

You have the best seats in Fenway Park. But you detest ballpark grubs. What to do, what to do. Red Sox Fan and clown Brian Dwyer has a secret eatery for you — Il  Giardino. “No one knows about this place,” he says, “And the Italian food is fantastic! Make sure to order a sandwich.” Will do. Don’t tell.

II Giardino Café
132 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 267-6124?

Magical Reading

Clown Brian Dwyer resorts to his bible of magic when he needs a little fairy dust. “I love Be a Clown by Turk Pipkin,” Brian says. “It’s really fun and right to the point.” The book teaches clowning techniques, how to create costumes — even how to make your own big clown shoes.

Be a Clown: The Complete Guide to Instant Clowning
By Turk Pipkin

Come on, clown around!

Wanna make ‘em laugh? Clown Brian Dwyer says the best way is to introduce yourself to fellow clowns. “Check out your local group by checking out Clowns of America International or the World Clowns Association,” Brian says. “You’ll be surprised how many clowns are around you!”

Clowns of America International

World Clown Association

Building a better Red Sox fan
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Once upon a time in the rotary-rich city of Somerville, there lived a boy named Brian. He was a good little boy who loved playing sports, especially baseball. His parents, both postal workers, were proud of their tyke, and encouraged his dreams of life in the Big Leagues or of driving an 18-wheeler or even, maybe, being a stuntman in Hollywood.. Brian dreamed big.

But one winter day, while skiing down a hill, young Brian fell and went boom. So did many of his plans for the future.. Until a fairy godmother stepped in the form of Doctor Lenny Goss, who gave Brian a book about magic. Brian read it over and over again until he decided to try a trick or two.

As luck would have it, Brian was a natural magician. He wowed audiences at five shows a week at schools, parties, random street corners, even the Prince of Pizza on Route 1. What can you say? The kid found his thing. He toyed with a career in auto mechanics at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, but once he heard about the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, it was one rabbit trick after another. For two months, Brian learned how to build props, sew costumes, apply make-up, perform acrobatics, tame a tiger and dance with elephants. The entertaining life it would be, first with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus and then at Faneuil Hall.

Luck struck Brian again when a magically inclined Red Sox staffer saw him perform. The stilts, the juggling, the multi-colored get-up, the mile-wide smile-they all worked together and got Brian  recruited to Fenway Park. Now, at every home game, you can see"Big League Brian" in all his 9-foot glory (he's really only 5'8"). When he's not at the ballpark, he entertains children for the Big Apple Clown Care unit at Children's Hospital. And he recently recorded a children’s album, "I Like Noise," for his own company, Bravo Brothers.

The moral of the story? Think big. Stand tall. The end.

Big League Brian
(857) 222-7286